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Preparing for Family Photo Shoots

Updated: Oct 3, 2019


Step one: Let's talk...

Before we begin, it is important to have a quick conversation over the phone.

The background setting is chosen from the style you wish to portray. In summer/early fall I offer beach and waterfall locations (here at Lake Chaparral) I have park and formal locations that are accessible from anywhere in the city. Some choose to be photographed in their homes, or on their property. I am open to all these possibilities. As well, my studio is always an option throughout the year.

Step two: What to wear?

Choose a colour that you and your family members look best in. Solids colours are preferable, ensuring the attention stays on faces and not patterns. I often recommend having two to three colours maximum. For example, one colour for pants/skirts, one for the top, (possibly one colour of top for the ladies and one for the men), while keeping the bottoms the same colour among everyone, like jeans, black or another neutral shade.

Step three: How to book my photo session?

Although the website gives you the convenience of booking online, a call is always welcome, even if your preferred time slot online does not seem available. 403-873-0070

Outdoor locations are best shot in the golden hours, right at sunrise and sunset.

A family photo session takes about an hour to complete for any of the packages. Additional time is added in at your request, (at a minimal fee) to continue creating family combinations.

The initial call will help clarify how much time to allot for your session.

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