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RBC Photo Specifications

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Ilona Kohlmann, listed "recommended photographer" on RBC Marketing Central

Ilona has been a recommended photographer with RBC since 2008

Things to consider prior to taking your photo


Wear professional business attire. If you are wearing a suit, the jacket should be buttoned up. Dark (preferably Black) and a light shirt (preferably white) is required. All photos should have a pure white background and therefore the darker the clothing, the better your image will appear.

Present a Professional Appearance:

It is very important for your hair to be simply styled as appropriate for business. Make sure you smile, or have a warm friendly expression. Be conscious of your body language (especially in full body shots) - take a look at the samples online in Marketing Central. Consider how you would present yourself if you were meeting a client in person and replicate that stature. If you have any touch ups you would like to have completed, ask the photographer to complete this before submitting them. Your photos are used exactly as they are submitted.

Sample Photos as a Guide:

There are different photo styles used on specific marketing pieces. most use the Standard Head Shot but in some cases for Mortgage Specialists or Investment & Retirement Planners, some marketing pieces use an upper body shot/a full body shot/or a 2 person upper body shot. Take a look at the sample photographs online in Marketing Central.

Set up on location available within Calgary

If necessary, a small lighting/backdrop set up can be brought to any bank location, and RBC office location. Please allow a 8'X8' space with electrical outlets, and a quick half hour set up time and your location, becomes our photo studio.

Bulk pricing discounts

For reductions to fees please discuss upon booking

Hair and makeup is provided in studio at an additional cost

Please call if you have any questions 403-873-0070

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